Yu Yasuda

Yu Yasuda is known for the fluid pictorial space characterized by unique touches and numerous layers of colors mingling each other. The everyday scenes and figurative landscape prominent in his earlier works were gradually replaced by abstraction, leading to the establishment of the singular style of the artist with shimmering mass of colors that nevertheless evokes unspecified landscape. This pictorial world, which has been described as mental or dream-like landscape, emerges from the dialogue between the contingency and necessity created by paints and the idiosyncratic sensibility of the artist, instead of being depictions of specific images. Especially in recent years, Yasuda is exploring the process where he starts his production from an exploration into the forms of colors and tones, and works toward the moment of discovery where the picture becomes a piece.

Born 1982, Kagawa. Yasuda received a MA in oil painting from Musashino Art University in 2007. His works were shown in exhibitions including VOCA 2008 (The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, 2008), Art in an Office (Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi, 2011), The Exhibition of the Collection (Yokohama Museum of Art, Yokohama, 2012). He has been widening his scope of activity, recently completing a public work for Toranomon Hills.





  • 1982

    Born in Kagawa, Japan

  • 2007

    MA Oil painting, Musashino Art University

  • 2021

    Drifting about in time, Yuka Tsuruno Gallery, Tokyo

  • 2018

    Attaining Shape, Yuka Tsuruno Gallery, Tokyo

  • 2014

    Between, YUKA TSURUNO Gallery, Tokyo

  • 2010

    The other side of vestige, YUKA CONTEMPORARY, Tokyo

  • 2008

    TWS EMERGING 2008 Solo Exhibition / Fantasized Time, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo
    Tokyo Wonder Wall Solo Exhibition, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Tokyo

  • 2007

    Solo Exhibition, Gallery b. Tokyo, Tokyo

  • 2015

    Oil on canvas, YUKA TSURUNO Gallery, Tokyo
    Ideal practices, YUKA TSURUNO Gallery, Tokyo

  • 2013

    Artists from a.a.t.m. 2007, Gyoko-dori Underground Gallery, Tokyo

  • 2012

    Painting Never Dies, YUKA TSURUNO Gallery, Tokyo  
    The Exhibition of the Collection, Yokohama Museum of Art, Yokohama

  • 2011

    Art in an Office, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi
    Feel the rhythm, Color me bright, Everyday is a carnival, YUKA CONTEMPORARY, Tokyo

  • 2010

    TOKYO WONDER WALL 2000-2009, Museum Modern Art Tokyo, Tokyo

  • 2009

    WORM HOLS episode 12, magical ARTROOM, Tokyo
    TOYOTA Art Collection, Kuregaike Art Salon, Toyota

  • 2008

    Garden of Zero, MA2 Gallery, Tokyo
    If you’re happy, clap your hands, Andrew James Art, Shanghai
    VOCA 2008, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo

  • 2007

    TOKYOEYE 01, Daimaru Tokyo Art Gallery, Tokyo
    Tokyo Wonder Wall, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
    Group Exhibition at MOGRA, gallery MOGRA, Tokyo
    ART AWARD TOKYO, Gyoko Chika Callery, Tokyo

  • 2008

    Tokyo Wonder Wall Award (Prize), Tokyo Wonder Wall, Tokyo
    VOCA 2008, The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo

  • 2007

    ART AWARD TOKYO, art award tokyo marunouchi, Tokyo
    The 22th Holbein Scholarship, HOLBEIN WORKS, LTD.

  • Toyota Motor Corporation
    Yokohama Art Museum
    Takahashi Collection
    Daisuke Miyatsu Collection

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