Yuka Tsuruno Art Office

Tetsuro Kano workshop

Tetsuro Kano workshop “Let’s make, install, and observe bird’s nest objects” was held at the Toshima ward medium-large-scale park utilization project.
We created the objects listening to the participants’ images and supporting them in the use of tools according to their age and individual craft experience. Participants were free to use any of the materials and tools provided on the table, and when finished, they placed the objects where they chose. Through the experience of having their own objects in the park, it seemed to be able to help them creating a new relationship with the park.
Although the event was targeted at elementary school students, many families participated and spent a wonderful day together under the clear autumn sky.

Date: October 15, 2022 (Saturday)
Venue: Mejiro-no-mori (Toshima ward)
Organizers: Toshima city
Organized by Yuka Tsuruno Art Office