[Art Fair] Yuka Tsuruno Gallery is pleased to announce its participation in the Taipei Dangdai art fair.


Booth: S09
Date: Jan. 17 – 19, 2020
Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Taiwan
Artist: Tomona Matsukawa

Matsukawa is interested in the nature of human interactions and the fragments of inner lives that are visible in the residual signs of daily life, such as tokens, gestures, or habits. In her distinctively realistic paintings, she reconstructs scenes from everyday life and transforms human vulnerabilities into vitalities. She conducts multiple interviews with women of her generation and extracts memorable phrases from these conversations as the subjects and titles of her works. The resulting paintings examine the dichotomy of the “internal” and “external” lives of strangers. Initially these women could be regarded as living in loneliness and disappointment, but Matsukawa paints inner perseverance and further emotional complexities that are not at once obvious.

Her recent works explore motherhood, drawing from her own experience as a single mother and reflecting an introspective shift in subject matter. While her earlier works focused on familiar motifs of distress in female life, such as damaged high heels and abandoned clothing, scars on the body, or disintegrating make up, her new works confront what it means to be a mother, the choices that had to be made, the conflicts that inevitably arose, and the circumstances that surround their children. In the process of this series, which portrays the mother, child, and plants that serve as metaphors, Matsukawa has conducted interviews with single parents in order to conceive of multiple perspectives on the pressure to raise one’s child on one’s own, and the public criticism against single parent households in Japan.

Tomona Matsukawa (b.1987, Aichi) graduated from Tama Art University in 2011. Recent exhibitions include Roppongi Crossing 2016: My Body, Your Voice (Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, 2016) and Artist Meets Kurashiki vol.12 Tomona Matsukawa (Ohara Museum of Art, Okayama, 2016). She was a finalist for the Asian Art Award (2017), and was awarded the Fukazawa Ichiro Memorial Award (2011) and The 25th Holbein Scholarship (2010). Her works have been added to the collections of the Ohara Museum, the Mori Art Museum, and the Takahashi Collection.


松川對人與人之間的互動性質,以及日常生活的餘影中, 例如記號,手勢或習慣等可見的內在生活裡片斷感興趣。在她獨特而逼真的畫作裏,她重新塑造日常生活中的場景,並將人類的脆弱轉化成為生命力。她跟自己同齡的女性進行了多次採訪,並從這些對話中提取出令人難忘的句子作為作品的主題和標題。由此產生的畫作檢驗了陌生人「內在」和「外在」生活的二分法。最初,這些女性可能被認為生活在孤獨和失望中,但是松川描繪了她們內在的毅力,更進一步帶出當初她們看來不太明顯的情緒複雜性。


松川朋奈(生於1987年,愛知縣)在2011年畢業於多摩藝術大學。最近的展覽包括「Roppongi Crossing 2016:My Body,Your Voice」(森美術館,東京,2016)和「Artist Meets Kurashiki vol.12 Tomona Matsukawa」(大原美術館,岡山,2016年)。她曾於2017年入圍亞洲藝術獎決賽,並獲2011年福澤一郎獎和2010年第25屆霍爾拜因獎學金。她的作品被收藏於大原美術館,森美術館和高橋收藏(Takahashi Collection)。