Maiko Kasai, Narrative detours
May 16 - June 13, 2015

Maiko Kasai, admire secretly and boldly (Sunlight)
2015, oil on chalk ground, canvas
130.3 x 162 cm



Yuka Tsuruno gallery presents Narrative Detours an exhibition of oil paintings by the artist Maiko Kasai (b. 1983), from Saturday, May 16th to Saturday, June 13th 2015.

About the artist and her work
In her work, Kasai interweaves tales (monogatari) of her own devising into everyday landscapes. Across the surface of her paintings, distinguished by her distinctive compositions and in which she capitalises on bold brushstrokes and blank spaces, she features a cast of unique motifs such as young girls, animals and characters. These characters are sometimes depicted in an intentionally abstract way using ambiguous colour hues and improvised brush strokes, as if they are being absorbed into the background; leading the viewer to a space where a world of imagination unfolds.

About the exhibition
In this exhibition Kasai continues an approach of “weaving her own tales” into a landscape, yet in this case the works are constructed using an“already existing” story that seeks to create a shared landscape between herself and the viewer. The tale in this case is the well-known“Tale of The Bamboo Cutter”, from which she appropriates several scenes and sections and selects the parts of the story that are “untold”. She then uses her imagination and drawings to weave in her own genealogy of images and narrative.

When Kasai heard children asking on the radio“When Princess Kaguya returns to the moon what happens next?" she thought that the story provided such a good platform through which to freely explore our imaginations or to consciously imagine the story that we may not need to actually see any new, final scenes. Based on the story's composition artists and viewers seem to have different perspectives, but in fact they actually share one perspective on the story. She wondered if something could be discovered concerning the difference between composing a story with words and composing a story with images.

Artist's Comments
With such questions from the children as:
“How did Princess Kaguya fall to the earth and in what way?”
“Just as she appeared, I wonder what became of her?”
“I wonder how Princess Kaguya felt when she was given the beautiful kimono?”
I imagined the mundane parts of each scene I was interested in, as a kind of tangential story branching off from the main theme.

I started by drawing these fragments of my imagination onto paper, then while I was tracing them onto the canvas, it struck me that these images sometimes appeared before viewers eyes as if they had an overwhelming presence and sense of confidence about them. They could also appear to be ambiguous, human figures. It might be an exaggeration but while I apply the paint, I feel like quite an inspired soul. The new landscape scenes I've created from all the scenes and words give me a great deal of pleasure and happiness as I feel wholly in my element. However, I certainly must be unaware of this state if I am able to draw figures that are passing along the canvas so lightly and gracefully.

Artist's Profile
Maiko Kasai (b. 1983, Aichi) completed her MA in Oil Painting at Kanazawa College of Art. She received Second Prize in the Shell Art Award in 2008. Selected exhibitions include Arts Challenge, Aichi Arts Center, Aichi (2010), 30th Outstanding Rising Artists Exhibition, Sompo Japan Museum of Art, Tokyo (2011), SAS, The National Art Center, Tokyo (2012), Why not live for Art? II - 9 collectors reveal their treasures, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo (2013). Public and private collections include Pigozzi Collection, Takahashi Collection, and Showa Shell Sekiyu.

Exhibition's Overview
Maiko Kasai, Narrative detours
Exhibition Dates: Saturday 16 May - Saturday 13 June, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday 16 May, 18:00 – 20:00
Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 - 19:00


ユカ・ツルノギャラリーは1983年生まれの油彩作家・笠井麻衣子の個展「おはなしのつづきのはなし」を2015年5月16日(土)~ 6月13日(土)まで開催いたします。






笠井麻衣子は1983年愛知県生まれ、金沢美術工芸大学大学院修了。2008年『シェル美術賞 2008』準グランプリ受賞。主な展示に『アーツ・チャレンジ2010』(愛知芸術文化センター、愛知、2010年)、『第30回損保ジャパン美術財団選抜奨励展』(損保ジャパン東郷青児美術館、2011年)、『シェル美術賞 アーティスト セレクション(SAS)』(新国立美術館、2012年)、 『アートがあれば II - 9人のコレクターによる個人コレクションの場合』(東京オペラシティ アートギャラリー、東京、2013年)。コレクションにピゴッチ・コレクション、髙橋コレクション、昭和シェル石油株式会社など。

会期: 2015年5月16日(土) - 6月13日(土)
レセプションパーティー: 5月16日(土) 18:00-20:00
開廊時間: 火 - 土 11:00 - 19:00