Tetsuro Kano・Yu Yasuda, Ideal practices
狩野哲郎・安田悠「Ideal practices」
April 11 - May 9, 2015

Tetsuro Kano・Yu Yasuda, Ideal practices
2015, installation view



YUKA TSURUNO GALLERY is pleased to present Ideal practices, a two people show by Tetsuro Kano and Yu Yasuda, both born in 1980’s, from Saturday April 11th to Saturday May 9th 2015.

Tetsuro Kano was born in 1980. He received MFA at Tokyo Zokei University in 2007. He has been focused on residency-based projects where he produced site-specific installations. In his artworks, he creates landscapes by combining natural objects such as seeds and fruits and readymade items or the manmade products such as his own sculptures. With elements that elude human control, for instance, birds released in one of his installation pieces, his works make our values uncertain and spark our imagination for non-human creatures and organisms that we share our habitat with. His recent exhibitions includes Naturplan, Bloomberg Pavilion Project Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (2011), Clear signs, Vivid tones, HARA MUSEUM ARC, Gunma (2012), In Search of Critical Imagination, Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka (2014), Naturea / Ideals, shiseido art egg 9th Exhibition, Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo (2015).

Yu Yasuda was born in 1982 and completed his MA study in oil painting at Musashino Art University in 2007. With contemporary sensibility on the traditional form of art, oil painting, Yasuda creates dream-like landscapes in virtue of inimitable strokes and colorful layers of paints. In this exhibition, Yasuda is presenting new works of untitle, his recent and the most abstract project in the ongoing Nameless Landscape series. His recent exhibitions includes VOCA, Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo (2008), Art in an Office, Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, Aichi (2011) and RYUGU IS OVER!!, Ryugu Bijutsu Ryokan, Yokohama (2012). Lately, he was commissioned public art at the entrance of Toranomon Hill, completed in 2014.

The landscape created by Kano’s installations and Yasuda’s paintings draws our attention to painterly aspects of a sculpture and sculptural aspects of a painting and sculptural representationally and abstraction in paintings. Kano derived the exhibition title from Idealism and Pragmatism indicating actual application of the ideals or idealistic practices. Paintings and sculptures apparently contradict each other in terms of their natures such as figurative and abstract, as well as ideal and practical, respectively. However, when you look from a distance at them facing each other and attempting to be abstract themselves in order to become ideal, they contain both aspects that seemingly contradict. With their collaboration, these two artists will take us to new landscapes.

Artist's Comment
“A landscape for idealists is perfection of the sublime and seems a typical virtual ideology that only exists in our mind. When you look at a painting of an abstract landscape, which was depicted from as far away as not knowing its title, in the far distance almost impossible to read its title, you realize that it is a figurative sculpture. A person standing in between as an observer is not a painter or a sculptor.”
In this exhibition, I am attempted to apply my own ambiguous rule in the art making process, that is to say, “to treat various materials namely readymade and natural objects the same as those I created”, to the elements of the show. By looking at a figurative or abstract painting as just the existence of colors, it gives possibilities in ways of perceiving the painting, which the artist never intended. You may even consider the painting as a sculpture. You tackle with as many things as possible and find out what to look at. It could be a way of idealistic practices. - Tetsuro Kano

Exhibition's Overview
Tetsuro Kano・Yu Yasuda, Ideal practices
Exhibition Dates: Saturday 11 April - Saturday 9 May, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday 11 April 18:00 – 20:00
Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 - 19:00


ユカ・ツルノギャラリーは1980年代生まれの2人の作家、狩野哲郎と安田悠による展覧会「Ideal practices」を2015年4月11日(土)~ 5月9日(土)まで開催いたします。

狩野哲郎は1980年生まれ。2007年東京造形大学大学院造形研究科修士課程修了。これまで国内外のレジデンスや美術館でのサイトスペシフィックなインスタレーションを中心に、種子・果実などの自然物と、既製品や作家自身による造形物などの人工物をプリコラージュ的に組み合わせて新しい「風景」を造り出してきました。時にインスタレーションの中に鳥を放ち、人間にはコントロール出来ない「他者」が内包されることで、私たちの価値観が不確かなものになり、人間以外の世界認識について想像させます。近年の主な展示に2011年「自然の設計 / Naturplan」(ブルームバーグ・パヴィリオン・プロジェクト、東京都現代美術館パブリック・プラザ、東京)、2012年「純粋な標識 / Clear signs, Vivid tones」(ハラ ミュージアム アーク、群馬)、2012年 「庭をめぐれば」(ヴァンジ彫刻庭園美術館、静岡)、2014年「想像しなおし」(福岡市美術館、福岡)、2015年「第9回 shiseido art egg 狩野哲郎展 Nature / Ideals」(資生堂ギャラリー、東京)などがあります 。

安田悠は1982年生まれ、2007年武蔵野美術大学大学院造形研究科美術専攻油絵コース修了。現代的な感性で油絵というメディアにこだわり続けながら、幻想的な心象風景を独特のタッチと色彩のレイヤーで描き出す油彩作家です。本展では、現在とり組んでいる、これまでより抽象的な「名もなき風景」のシリーズ「untitle」の新作を発表したします。安田はこれまで「VOCA展 2008」(上野の森美術館、東京)、「Art in an Office」(2011年、豊田市美術館、愛知)、「RYUGU IS OVER!! 」(2012年、竜宮美術旅館、横浜)などの展覧会に参加してきましたが、最近では2014年に竣工した虎ノ門ヒルズレジデンスのエントランスにパブリックワークを手がけるなど活動の幅を広げてきています。



狩野哲郎・安田悠「Ideal practices」
会期: 2015年4月11日(土) - 5月9日(土)
レセプションパーティー: 4月11日(土) 18:00-20:00
開廊時間: 火 - 土 11:00 - 19:00