Alexander Gronsky
September 6 - November 15, 2014  *会期を延長いたしました

alexander gronsky
Alexander Gronsky, The Edge, c-print, 90x108cm



YUKA TSURUNO GALLERY is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of Estonian landscape photographer Alexander Gronsky. The show will run from September 6 (Saturday) to October 25 (Saturday) 2014.

About the artist and artwork
Alexander Gronsky is notable for his photographic practice forces on landscapes of contemporary Russia, and his works are shown internationally. After the career as a press photographer in Russia and the area of the former Soviet Union since 1999, he came to focus on documentary works from a point of his personal view since 2008. Refering to himself as a landscape photographer, he focuses on vast spaces and investigates how local populations are impacted by the surrounding environment.

In his most of works, he is exploring the very notion of border with composition of horizontal line. At the same time, the borders between suburbs and cities, between infrastructures as heritage of socialism and natural wild, between personal and public space, and between live and dead coexist in a photograph, and they also show the landscape of the land as nondescript places without border.

About the exhibition
In this exhibition, his main series will be shown, including Less than One (2006-2009) centered on the sparsely populated and isolated areas of Russia, The Edge (2008-2009) which he explored the snowy fields surrounding Moscow, where there are many apartments built in the age of the Soviet Union and Pastoral (2008-2012) which he photographed activities of local people in the fringes of Moscow, the suburbs between Russia’s most populous city and the countryside that surrounds it.

The latest monograph "Less Than One" will be published by TYCOON BOOKS in this occasion. A reception for the artist will be held on October 4th, and also talk event and book signing will be scheduled (detail will be anounced).

Artist profile
Born in 1980 in Tallinn, Estonia. Currently based in Riga, Latvia. After press photographer, he has forced on landscapes. He received the Aperture Portfolio Prize (2009), Foam Paul Huf Award (2010), World Press Photo (2012). His works were shown, including The Edge (Aperture Foundation, NY, 2010), Alexander Gronsky (FOAM Museum, Amsterdam, 2010), Pastoral (Photographer.ru Gallery, Moscow, 2011), Mountains & Waters (Polka Gallery, Paris, 2012).

Exhibition overview
Alexander Gronsky
Exhibition dates: September 6 (Saturday) - October 25 (Saturday) 2014
Reception for the Artist: October 4 (Sat) 17:00-19:00
Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00 - 19:00 (Closed on Sundays, Mondays and public holidays)

Works in Exhibition Installation View

Related Event
Alexnder Gronsky and Viviane Sassen -artist talks and book signing
Date: October 4th, 13.00-
Artists: Alexander Gronsky, Viviane Sassen
Venue: TOLOT (2-9-13-2F Shinonome Koto-ku, Tokyo)

■ Reception Party
Date: October 4th, 17:00-19:00
*Joint reception with Thomas Ruff photograms(Gallery Koyanagi)and Viviane Sassen LEXICON(G/P Gallery)

SPEAK OUT! lectures and artist talks: landscape of boundaries
Date: October 5th, 17:00-18:30
Artists: Alexander Gronsky, Takashi Homma
Venue: Gaien Campus, Kyoto University of Art and Design


YUKA TSURUNO GALLERY では2014年9月6日(土)~10月25日(土)まで、エストニア出身の風景写真家、アレキサンダー・グロンスキーによる展覧会を開催致します。



本展では、グロンスキーの代表作である3つのシリーズ『less than one』、『the edge』、『pastoral』の中から選ばれた10点を展示いたします。
どれもロシアの郊外の風景が被写体ですが、『less than one』(2006-2009)では、一平方キロメートルに1人以下という人口密度のロシア辺境に焦点を当てています。また、『the edge』(2008-2009)では、旧ソ連時代の集合住宅が多く見られるモスクワ郊外の雪景色に目を向け、『pastoral』(2008-2012)では、大都市モスクワと田舎の中間域での人間の営みを捉えています。

本展開催にあたり、最新のモノグラフ「Less Than One」(TYCOON BOOKS)を出版いたします。

1980年、タリン(エストニア)生まれ。現在、リガ(ラトビア)在住。プレス・カメラマンとして活動後、風景に焦点を当てた写真で注目を浴び、Aperture Portfolio Prize(2009年)、Foam Paul Huf Award(2010年)、World Press Photo (2012年)など、数々の賞を受賞。主な展覧会に「The Edge」(Aperture Foundation、ニューヨーク、2010年)、「Alexander Gronsky」(FOAM Museum、アムステルダム、2010年)、「Pastoral」(Photographer.ru Gallery、モスクワ、2011年)、「Mountains & Waters」(Polka Gallery、パリ、2012年)などがある。

会期: 2014年9月6日(土) - 11月15日(土)*会期を延長いたしました
レセプションパーティー: 10月4日(土) 17:00-19:00
開廊時間: 火 - 土 11:00 - 19:00(日・月・祝日休廊)

展示作品 展示風景


アレキサンダー・グロンスキー & ヴィヴィアン・サッセン 合同トークセッション&ブックサイニング
日時: 2014年10月4日(土) 13:00-
出演: アレキサンダー・グロンスキー/ヴィヴィアン・サッセン
会場: TOLOT (江東区東雲 2-9-13-2F)

■ レセプションパーティー
日時: 2014年10月4日(土)17:00-19:00

■ 関連イベント
STEP OUT! レクチャー&トークセッション「境界線上のランドスケープ」
日時: 2014年10月5日(日) 17:00-18:30  *要予約
出演: アレキサンダー・グロンスキー/ホンマタカシ
会場: 京都造形芸術大学・東北芸術工科大学 外苑キャンパス

展示作品 展示風景