Maiko Kasai, Neighbor's Garden
笠井麻衣子「Neighbor's Garden」
August 24 - September 21, 2013

Maiko Kasai, A caller early morning, 2013


YUKA TSURUNO GALLERY is pleased to announce a solo exhibition by Maiko Kasai entitled Neighbor's Garden from August 24 (Sat) until September 21 (Sat), 2013.

About artwork
Maiko Kasai incorporates narratives of her own devising into landscapes that we encounter every day, hinting at the necessary training and practice required to exist in those imaginary worlds, as well as the aspects of those narratives that are ordinarily suppressed by society. Her paintings, distinguished by bold compositions that make deft use of blank space and powerful, dynamic brushstrokes, feature a cast of unique motifs evoking all sorts of stories and narratives, such as young girls brandishing a variety of weapons, or stuffed rabbit figures. These characters, however, are sometimes intentionally depicted in an abstract manner using improvised, random brushstrokes and vague compositions and colors, as if they were being assimilated and absorbed into the background - a strategy that ushers the viewer even deeper into a fictional, imaginary realm. The young girls that face off intensely against one another in Kasai's narratives harbor all sorts of inner conflicts within them. Alternatively, they might be seen as avatars for modern, present-day people confronting various problems in today's society.

Artist's statement
Based on everyday landscapes and magazine photos that I find in my daily life, or images obtained from personal photographs belonging to other people that can be viewed on the Internet, I paint imaginary figures and beings that reside in these places. My work is a hypothetical attempt to depict these landscapes that might seem dramatic at one moment, and totally restrained by various rules in the next instant. Empty lots overrun by a thick undergrowth of weeds, gardens damp with moisture after they have been watered, entrances and doorways where voices could be heard until just a few moments ago - all these are places that we encounter almost every day. Yet there are many such mundane, familiar spaces that we can never get a firm grasp or understanding of - just who lives there? How do these people look after and tend to these places? And what about all those photographs of places and scenes disseminated by all sorts of media every day that hold some kind of special significance for someone other than myself? To my surprise, I soon found myself feeling a strange, ambiguous sort of emotional attachment to these images. So I began making a whole string of drawings, as if I was conjuring up a story in some children's tale. For Neighbor's Garden, I wanted to make a work by keeping a certain distance from these landscapes and scenes that seem eminently graspable yet remain out of reach - and try to observe the resultant images from the standpoint of a "neighbor" to the people who actually own or possess them.

About the exhibition
This is Kasai's first solo exhibition at the gallery in two and a half years, showcasing works in a range of different sizes. We hope you take this chance to view these new works, filled with a remarkable intensity and sense of exhilaration.

Maiko Kasai was born in Aichi, Japan in 1983, graduated from MA in oil painting from Kanazawa College of Art Graduate School. Received Shell Art Award 2008. Selected exhibitions include ARTS CHALLENGE 2010, Aichi Art Center, Aichi (2010); The 30th Outstanding Rising Artist Exhibition, Sonpo Japan Museum of Art, Tokyo (2011); SAS, The National Art Center, Tokyo (2012). Public and private collection include Pigozzi Collection, Takahashi Collection, and Showa Shell Sekiyu.

Maiko Kasai HP

Works in Exhibition Installation View

Maiko Kasai,Neighbor's Garden
August 24 - September 21, 2013
Opening Reception for the Artist: August 23, 18:00 - 20:00
Hours: Monday Wednesday - Saturday 11:00 - 19:00

YUKA TSURUNO GALLERYは笠井麻衣子の個展「Neighbor's Garden」を8月24日(土)~9月21日(土)まで開催いたします。


私の生活の身の回りにある風景や雑誌の写真、インターネットなどで見られるの人々の個人的な写真から得たイメージをもとに、そこで時を過ごす生き物を想像し描く。彼らの、時にはドラマチックでまた時にはルールによって制御された光景を仮構することを試みている。雑草が生い茂る空き地、水やりを終えた後の湿り気を感じる庭、ついさっきまで話し声が聞こえてきた玄関先など、毎日のように目にはするけれど、どんな人が住んでいるのか、どんな手入れをしているのかしっかりとは把握できない、ごく身近な空間の数々。また、日々様々な媒体から発せられている私以外の人にとって特別であろう場面や場所の写真。不思議なことに、次第にそれらに曖昧ながらも愛着が湧きはじめ、絵本の物語を紡ぎだすようにドローイングを繰り返す。「Neighbor's Garden」では、感じ取れるようで感じ取る事ができない風景や場面と距離を保ちながら生まれるイメージを、それらを所有する人たちの「隣人」という立場になって作品を作りたいと思う。


笠井麻衣子は1983年愛知県生まれ、金沢美術工芸大学大学院修了。2008年『シェル美術賞 2008』準グランプリ受賞。主な展示に『アーツ・チャレンジ2010』(愛知芸術文化センター、愛知、2010年)、『第30回損保ジャパン美術財団選抜奨励展』(損保ジャパン東郷青児美術館、2011年)、『シェル美術賞 アーティスト セレクション(SAS)』(新国立美術館、2012年)、コレクションにピゴッチ・コレクション、髙橋コレクション、昭和シェル石油株式会社などがあります。


展示作品画像 展示風景

笠井麻衣子「Neighbor's Garden」
会期: 2013年8月24日(土) - 9月21日(土)
オープニングレセプション: 2013年8月23日(金)18:00 - 20:00
開廊時間: 火 - 土 11:00 - 19:00