Nobuyuki Osaki , scribble
July 7– August 11, 2012



YUKA TSURUNO is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition "scribble" by Nobuyuki Osaki from July 7 to August 11, 2012.

Nobuyuki Osaki’s practice relies on a variety of different methods and materials including painting, sculpture and video to produce works with extremely varied forms and appearances, simultaneously and in parallel with each other. By employing a unique and original working process that he calls “meta-real/meta-fiction”, which addresses our personal sense of reality within the context of contemporary society, Osaki attempts to highlight the uncertain and unreliable nature of reality in this world. Some of his most recent representative works include “The World”, an animated painting shown at his last solo show which depicts a landscape of mountains and waterfalls that gradually melts away. Also significant are pieces from his Portraits series, displayed at solo presentations held at Kunsthaus Hamburg and Art Fair Tokyo, which similarly portray paintings and drawings of human faces that dissolve over time. For this exhibition at YUKA TSURUNO, however, Osaki will unveil a new installation of works from his Dimension Wall series, which presents a completely different appearance to the viewer.

“Dimension Wall” uses the motif of the wall in an attempt to depict the world we live in as an ambiguous space. As the patterns and images on the wall flow out in a muddy torrent, this work portrays a series of instants that flip and reverse the boundaries between two-dimensional and three-dimensional space, as well as figure and ground. As time passes, this flood of imagery gradually expands to fill the screen. Finally, the video installation blacks out, forcing our perception and consciousness to acknowledge that “all is not as it seems”, thereby unhinging our sense of the stability and certainty of this world. Similar to Osaki’s other works, these videos were not produced by the physical operations of a CG program. Instead, the artist expresses the conditions of our own reality by actually manufacturing and then filming these situations.

Regarding his new work, “scribble”, Osaki had this to say:

“What I tried to develop here was a space in which an assortment of scrawled, graffiti-like marks on the wall with no particular meaning dissolve and flow out. These marks seem to emerge spontaneously out of a pen that has been nonchalantly left uncapped. Whenever I look back at the rough notebook that I always carry around with me, I find a whole swathe of images that most other people would only be able to describe as scrawls or scribbles – things that I might have drawn just to get the ink flowing, or images I had in my head that never materialized, and ended up being just an inexplicable, scrawled trace or vestige that got stranded along the way. The title of the exhibition, “Scribble”, refers to these graffiti-like marks. What I wanted to do with this exhibition, however, was to allow these “failed” images to address the boundaries between perception and consciousness, and the uncertainties of the world we live in.”

Nobuyuki Osaki was born in Osaka in 1975 and received MFA from Graduate School of Kyoto City University of Arts. Osaki began producing work inspired by the idea of a personal reality while still an art student. Many of his earlier works consisted of prints and paintings. By extending the range of his chosen techniques to sculpture and installation starting in 2002, and video in 2005, he has pursued a practice that yields greater insight into the themes of the “meta-real” and “meta-fiction”. Recent exhibitions include "12th Japan Media Arts Festival" The National Art Center, Tokyo (2009); "Exhibition as media 2009, drowning room", Kobe Art Village Center, Kobe (2009); "Haut. Mythos und Medium", Kunsthaus, Hamburg (2009); "The Position 2012, Contemporary Art from Nagoya", Nagoya City Art Museum, Aichi (2012). Osaki will also participate in “Contemporary Painting – Eye of the Curator” (tentative title), which will be held later this fall at the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art.

Also featured will be Osaki’s video piece “Portraits of Mirror”, concurrently on display at NADiff’s window gallery from June 26 (Tue) through July 16 (Mon). This work is part of his Portraits series of melting faces, and consists of an installation of images projected using the reflections of these faces in a mirror. In addition, Osaki’s first monograph of collected works from recent years will also be published in conjunction with this exhibition.

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*Artist Talk
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YUKA TSURUNOでは7月7日~8月11日まで、大崎のぶゆきの2回目となる個展「scribble」を開催いたします。

大崎のぶゆきは現在まで、様々な方法や素材、平面や立体、映像といった方法、また全く違った表面を持つ作品を同時並行的に制作しながら「メタリアル/メタフィクション」という現代社会における私たちを取り巻く自身のリアリティについて独自でかつオリジナルの方法を用いて、この世界の「リアリティの不確かさ」を明らかにしようと試みています。最近の代表的な作品には、前回の個展などで発表した、描かれた山や滝が溶解してゆく「falls」や、クンストハウス・ハンブルグやアートフェア東京での個展などで展示した、顔の絵が溶解していく「Portraits」などがありますが、今回はそれらの作品群とは全く異なった表面を持つシリーズ「dimension wall」の新作のインスタレーションを展開いたします。

「dimension wall」とは壁そのものをモチーフに私たちの生きる世界、空間そのものを曖昧なものとして描き出そうと試みる作品です。壁に描かれた模様やイメージがドロドロと流れ出していくことで、「2次元から3次元」、また「下地と図柄」が反転する境界の瞬間を映し出します。時間の経過とともに、流れ出すイメージが画面いっぱいに広がり、最後にブラックアウトする映像インスタレーションは、私たちの知覚と認識に対して「そうでないかも知れない」という眼差しと、この世界の不安定さや揺らぎを投げかけます。大崎の他の作品同様、これらの作品もCGによる物理演算で作られたものではなく、実際にこれらの状況を作り出し撮影するという手法を用いることによって、私たちのリアリティの所在を表現しています。



大崎のぶゆきは1975年大阪生まれ、2000年京都市立芸術大学大学院美術研究科絵画専攻(版画)修了。在学中より自身のリアリティをテーマにした制作を開始し、初期の活動には版画や平面作品を中心とする作品が多くありますが、2002年頃から立体やインスタレーション、2005年頃からは映像作品へと手法の幅を広げることで「メタリアル/メタフィクション」についてより深い洞察を表現することを探求してきました。最近の主な展示に「第12回文化庁メディア芸術祭」(2009年、国立新美術館、東京)、「Exhibition as media 2009『drowning room』」、(2009年、神戸アートビレッジセンター、兵庫)、「Haut. Mythos und Medium」(2009年、Kunsthaus Hamburg、ハンブルグ)、「ポジション2012名古屋発現代美術 ~この場所から見る世界」(2012年、名古屋市美術館、愛知)などがあります。また、今秋の兵庫県立美術館で開催される「現代絵画ー学芸員の眼(仮題)」展にも出品を予定しております。

本展の同時企画といたしまして、6月26日(火)から7月16日(月)までNADiffのウィンドウギャラリーにて映像作品「portraits of mirror」を展示いたします。これは、顔の絵が溶解していく「Portraits」シリーズのなかのひとつで、顔のイメージが鏡の反射を通して投影されるインスタレーションです。またこの機会にあわせて、近年の作品を纏めた、大崎のぶゆきの初となる作品集を出版する予定です。



「portraits of mirror」
会期: 2012年6月26日(火) - 8月11日(土)
会場: NADiff a/p/a/r/t 1F ウィンドウギャラリー

「ポジション2012名古屋発現代美術 ~この場所から見る世界」
会期: 6月2日(土) - 7月16日 (月)
会場: 名古屋市美術館

*アーティストトーク (大﨑のぶゆき、山田純嗣)
日時: 7月14日 (土) 11:00 -
場所: 展覧会会場内、各出品作品の場所 (要入場券)