Tetsuro Kano, Protean wood
狩野哲郎「Protean wood / 1本で複数の木」
April 7 – May 12, 2012

Tetsuro Kano
Nameless play (2012), Installation, Photo: Kenji Morita
Tetsuro Kano
Naturplan (2011), installation view at Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan


YUKA TSURUNO is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition "Protean wood" by Tetsuro Kano from April 7 to May 12, 2012.

Tetsuro Kano’s previous works have focused on residency-based projects where he produced installations combining natural objects and readymade items and products, and site-specific pieces that incorporate drawings and photography. Other installation works have involved scattering the seeds of various plants within the exhibition space and watching over them as they grew, and designed spaces that contained birds and plants. Last year, Kano’s solo showcase made top billing at the Bloomberg Pavilion Project, an exhibition held at a custom-made pavilion on the grounds of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, winning him much acclaim. For this project, Kano created an installation using nets, hoses and bird traps that he called “Naturplan”. Installed in the exhibition hall of a museum, Naturplan proposed a novel way of perceiving space. The various readymade items carried a symbolic meaning for human observers. Birds, however, recognized Kano’s installation as a living environment. By deviating from the original significance and function of his chosen materials and the spaces in which they are displayed, and then recombining them in different configurations, Kano creates landscapes on an everyday scale, as well as spatial environments that resemble drawings. Kano’s works, which incorporate plants, animals and other objects involving an element of chance and contingency that eludes human control, make us aware of a conception of time that does not proceed in accordance with the nature of human perception. At the same time, they spark our imagination and prompt us to think about the non-human creatures and organisms that share our habitat, each living in what they consider to be “nature”.

Kano’s first solo show at YUKA TSURUNO consists of a newly conceived installation in the Naturplan series, as well as several drawings. "Protean wood" is based on the theories of Estonian biologist Jakob von Uexküll, who wrote that “a single oak tree plays widely diverging roles to each one of a whole host of different creatures,” and represents Kano’s own take on the subject. On the one hand, the artist gazes disbelievingly at the world before him, a passive bystander who casts a shadow of doubt on various phenomena that humans have ascribed significance to. At the same time, however, this work also showcases Kano’s keen powers of observation with regard to the natural environments of animals that transcend those anthropocentric notions, and the culture that derives from this alternative conception of nature.

Here are a few of Kano’s comments on this exhibition.

Let’s say that a little bird is trying to find an ideal tree to perch on, out of all the places that it recognizes as part of nature. If the scope of this nature exceeds the limits of the bird’s awareness, it won’t be able to test every single tree to see which one makes the best fit. Conversely, if “nature” is smaller than the limits of its awareness, the bird is unable to ascertain whether or not the trees that exist within that conception of nature would be ideal. Regardless of how wide the scope of this nature is, the bird may not be able to find the ideal tree during its search.

Among these trees, however, there is a “Perch for Little Birds” that has been crafted into an ideal, pillar-like shape. But just what sort of bird could this ideal perch, conceived by a human mind, possibly be “ideal” for? Even if all the twigs in the world disappeared, these little birds would evolve and grow feet that would make a perfect, ideal fit for these manmade perches.

By combining several different materials, I make installations that resemble both birdhouses and traps. Many of these materials were originally made by assuming that they would fulfill some specific use or function. The question of how correct or accurate these assumptions are, however, is one of the hardest things to verify. Birds will fly around inside the gallery. Ultimately, these installations are akin to arbitrarily conceived drawings. For the birds, my works are perhaps nothing more than a new sort of natural environment. Even if these birds realized that what they understood to be “nature” was being continually renewed on a daily basis, I don’t think we need to be too concerned about them. They’ll just become conscious of this “new” nature, and it won’t be long before they adapt to it by some natural process of design. Of course, birds aren’t the only creatures that can perceive nature. What I think we ought to realize is the fact that human beings may not be able to find their place within the scheme of this “new nature” forever.

Tetsuro Kano was born in Miyagi in 1980. He graduated Tokyo Zokei University majoring in design (Environmental Design/City Environmental Course) and received MFA at the same university. He has been focused on residency-based projects including Toride Art Project, Ibaraki (2004); Seoksu Art Project, Anyang, Korea (2010); NEO-TOPIA, Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Yamaguchi (2010); BIKKURI, Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori (2010). The recent solo exhibitions include Naturplan, Bloomberg Pavilion Projectm Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (2011), and group exhibitions include Breathing Atolls: Japan-Maldives Contemporary Art Exhibition, National Art Gallery, Sultan Park, Maldives (2012); Niwa wo Megureba, Vangi Sculpture Garden Museum, Shizuoka (2012).

Tetsuro Kano HP:


"Protean wood"
April 7 - May 12, 2012
Reception for the Artist: April 7, 2012, 18:00~20:00
Hours: Mon, Wed - Sat 11:00-19:00

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YUKA TSURUNOでは来る4月7日(土)から5月12日(土)まで、狩野哲郎 個展「1本で複数の木 / Protean wood」を開催いたします。


YUKA TSURUNOでの初個展となる本展は、「自然の設計/Naturplan」シリーズの新作インスタレーションとドローイングによって構成されます。タイトルとなっている「1本で複数の木」とは、生物学者であるユクスキュルの「一本のカシワの木が、多種多様なそれぞれの生物にとって変化にとんだ役割を果たしている」という考えに基づくものであり、そこから狩野が独自に発展させたものです。世界をどこか傍観者として眺めるような姿勢で、人間によって意味付けされたものに疑問を投げかけながらも、それらを越えて存在する生き物たちの「自然」とそこから派生する文化に対する狩野の深い洞察が作品をもって立ち現れます。





狩野哲郎は1980年宮城県生まれ。2005年東京造形大学造形学部デザイン学科環境デザイン/都市環境コースを卒業した後、2007年に同大学院造形研究科美術研究領域修士課程/絵画コースでMFAを取得。これまで、「取手アートプロジェクト」(2004年、茨城)、「SEOKSU ART PROJECT」(2010年、韓国)、「NEO-TOPIA ネオトピア」(2010年、秋吉台国際芸術村)、「吃驚 BIKKURI」(2010年、国際芸術センター青森)など数多くのレジデンスや滞在制作型のプロジェクトを中心に作品の制作に取り組んできました。主な個展に「自然の設計/Naturplan」(2011年 ブルームバーグ・パヴィリオン・プロジェクト、東京都現代美術館 )、グループ展に「呼吸する環礁―モルディブ-日本現代美術展」(2012年 モルディブ国立美術館)、「庭をめぐれば」(2012年 ヴァンジ彫刻庭園美術館)などがあります。

狩野哲郎 HP:


「1本で複数の木 / Protean wood」
会期:2012年4月7日(土)- 5月12日(土)
開廊:月、水~土 11:00-19:00


会期:2012年4月21日(土) - 8月31日(金)

「木木 / Mirrored wood 」
会期:2012年4月27日(金) - 5月20日(日)
会場:NADiff a/p/a/r/t 1F店内

日時:2012年4月30日(月)17:00 -19:00
会場:NADiff a/p/a/r/t(1F)、入場無料