OVAR(SHIMURABROS.K & mamoru), Nobuhiro Shimura, Lumen・Sonus・Memoria
OVAR、志村信裕 「Lumen・Sonus・Memoria (光・音・記憶)」
November 12 – December 10, 2011

Tim Barber
OVAR, FCN001 ver.1-3, 2011
Tim Barber
Nobuhiro Shimura, Goldfish, 2010-2011, photo: Yasuyuki Kasagi


From September 7, 2011, YUKA Contemporary has been incorporated and renamed as “YUKA TSURUNO”. The “Lumen・Sonus・Memoria (Light/Sound/Memory)” exhibit, the gallery’s second show under its new name, focuses on “video” and “sound (resonance)”, and will be held from November 12 (Sat).

Remarkable developments in technology have changed our lifestyle dramatically. This has not only impacted the field of visual arts, but also video production, transmission, and projection. Through realistic 3-D videos, high-capacity video distribution systems, and the Internet, we can now simulate and experience various events from around the world while in front of our computers.

Today, speech synthesis software can reproduce the voices of historical futures, and text conversion software can distribute “text as voice.” Not too long ago, such ideas were confined to the pages of sci-fi novels, but have now become a reality.

However, exposure to massive amounts of videos and sounds (voice/music) has not honed our vision and hearing, but instead seems to have dulled them. Rather than sifting through data for necessary information and restructuring it to etch it into one’s memory, we seem to have abandoned this process to “saving just in case” onto computers and storage devices.

The sibling art unit, SHIMURA BROS., attracted interest through their work, “X-RAY TRAIN”, shown at the former Sakuragi station of the Tokyu Toyoko line. This piece was a CT scanned version of the Lumière brothers’ steam locomotive train film, which is said to be the origin of film.

mamoru worked with the SHIMURA BROS. on their installation piece “HIBERNATION.” This enormous, 9-meter-high installation was presented at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse’s “ART RINK”, and mamoru was in charge of the acoustics. After winning the highest award at the “EXPERIMENTAL SOUND, ART, AND PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL 2010”, mamoru presented a solo show at YUKA TSURUNO, and recently performed the “etude no. 39 Instant Noodle” at ART TAIPEI.

Kentaro of SHIMURA BROS. and mamoru have formed a special unit, OVAR (Origin of Visual Audio Research), to present experimental new pieces for this exhibition. Reverse playback, changes in camerawork, and changes in the number of sound tracks will all be experimented with as research into the basic structure of audiovisual work that produces stories through creation of time-based dynamics through the combination of image and sound. They will attempt to visualize a multi-dimensional perception of time that is not based on the traditional unidirectional timeline of “past-present-future.”

I n addition, Nobuhiro Shimura, who has continued to display videos in diverse locations outside of the “white cube”, will also display his work. His past works include “Akasaka Art Flower 08” (a video piece that used numerous dress pins pinned onto a tatami mat of a Japanese-style restaurant as its screen), the “Aichi Triennale 2010”, and “Koganecho Bazaar2009/ 2010/2011” (projections onto canopies and roads). For this exhibition, Shimura will project two works, “Goldfish” and “Pool”, onto the Kanda River, which runs next to the gallery.* Environmental changes (such as the weather, the light of the sinking sun, and the never ceasing water’s movement) will create a world where every moment is a new and different encounter with the artist’s work.

Through their works, OVAR and Shimura are challenging our ability to accumulate experiences through conscious reconstruction of external stimuli in this age of information overload which has numbed our perception of images and sounds.

This exhibition was given the Latin title “Lumen,” “Sonus,” and “Memoria” because “light”, “sound”, and “memory” are important themes unifying the pieces. This show is intended to delve to the root and core of these. Also, it is meaningful that “lumens” is the unit used to indicate a projector’s brightness.

We look forward to your visit to experience OVAR and Shimura’s works.

*Please confirm the below event overview for the date and time of Shimura’s projection piece.
(Please note that the schedule and place may be subject to change due to weather conditions on the day of the event)

Lumen・Sonus・Memoria (Light/Sound/Memory)
OVAR(SHIMURABROS.K & mamoru), Nobuhiro Shimura
November 12 – December 10, 2011
Reception for the Artists: November 12, 18:00 – 20:00

Video projection by Nobuhiro Shimura:November 12 (Sat) / December 3 (Sat) / December 10 (Sat)
18:00~20:00 (Please note that the schedule and place may be subject to change due to weather conditions on the day of the event)

Artist Talk:
Part1: Nobuhiro Shimura x Daisuke Miyatsu Date:November 19 (Sat) 17:00-18:30 Venue:NADiff a/p/a/r/t
Artist talk for newly published "highlight"
Part1: OVAR x Daisuke Miyatsu Date:December 3 (Sat) 15:00-17:00 Venue: YUKA TSURUNO

Hours:Monday, Wednesday - Saturday, 11:00-19:00
Cooperation: BENQ Japan Co, . Ltd.
Curated by Daisuke Miyatsu + YUKA TSURUNO

Lumen・Sonus・Memoria 光・音・記憶

YUKA TSURUNOでは、“映像”と“音(響)”にフォーカスした「Lumen・Sonus・Memoria 光・音・記憶」展を11月12日(土)から開催します。



旧東急東横線・桜木町駅舎内で、映画の起源とも言うべきリュミエール兄弟の蒸気機関車をCTスキャンして見せた”X-RAY TRAIN”で話題となった姉弟アート・ユニットSHIMURA BROS.。
そのSHIMURA BROS.による横浜赤煉瓦倉庫「ART RINK」で発表された高さ9メートルの巨大なインスタレーション作品”HIBERNATION”で音響パートを担当、「EXPERIMENTAL SOUND, ART, AND PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL 2010」で最優秀賞を受賞後、当ギャラリーでの個展や、ART TAIPEIでのパフォーマンス”etude no.39 インスタントヌードル”も記憶に新しいmamoru。
今回は、SHIMURA BROS.のケンタロウと、mamoruがスペシャル・ユニットOVAR(Origin of Visual Audio Research)を結成し、実験的な新作を発表します。


今回は本展を構成する作品に共通する重要な要素である“光”と“音”と“記憶”について、その根源、本質に迫りたいとの思いから、展覧会タイトルをラテン語で“Lumen”“Sonus”“Memoria” としました。また、プロジェクターの輝度を表す単位がルーメンであることも重要な意味を持っています。


尚、会期中には 各作家と宮津大輔氏によるアーティストトークも予定しております。
Lumen・Sonus・Memoria 光・音・記憶
志村信裕 Nobuhiro Shimura
2011年11月12日 - 12月10日 *初日18:00より開廊
オープニングレセプション:11月12日(土) 18:00~20:00

志村信裕 映像展示:11月12日(土)/ 12月3日(土)/ 12月10(土)
18:00~20:00 (予定・要事前確認)雨天中止、小雨決行

志村信裕 x 宮津大輔:日時:11月19日(土)17:00-18:30 会場:NADiff a/p/a/r/t
OVAR x 宮津大輔 日時:12月3日(土)15:00-17:00 会場:YUKA TSURUNO

開廊:月、水~土 11:00-19:00
機材協力: ベンキュー ジャパン株式会社